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"...the limpid-tone, articulate soprano Bryn Holdsworth..."

"The recollected scenes make for devastating drama, beautifully performed by Kanyova, and also by Atlanta Opera Studio Artist Bryn Holdsworth, who plays the younger Krystyna in memories (the vocal combination of the two singers playing the same character at different ages I found particularly intriguing and effective, especially when they sang together)."

"I was impressed by the entire cast, including Maria Kanyova as the older Krystyna — sharing her sad story — and the younger version, played by Bryn Holdsworth."

Bryn Holdsworth Wins Rebekah Clark Cooledge Encouragement Award from The Metropolitan Opera Council Competition

"I have to say: Bryn Holdsworth and Christopher Dunham, this has been a joy."

"These cast members (the dancers, the four men who comprise Anna’s family, plus soprano Bryn Holdsworth, who sings only in this cabaret set) play out that scenario with songs by Weill, written with various lyricists."

"Director Brian Clowdus created a backstage plot of unrequited love and sassy interchanges that revolved around standout soprano Bryn Holdsworth."

"Holdsworth, a second year studio artist with a warm voice, sings the most lyrical tunes in the first act..."